Thursday, November 6, 2008

2008 Topps Stadium Club Baseball

So I bit the bullet - I've never spent $20 on a pack of cards before - But I thought this would be a fun rip - I dont really do the high end stuff, just because I can't really afford it - but since I had not seen this ripped on any other blogs yet, figured I would give it a go.

#135 Jeff Niemann RC # 449/999

#2 Tim Lincecum Ast Day Pressing #70/599

#66 Carlos Beltran Photographer's Proof # 24/99

Jed Lowrie Rookie Proof Parallel Auto

This is the first redemption card that I have ever received - so I go to the site and log it in, and I should have it before 2/19/2009 - I guess Jed is a hard guy to get a hold of - This better be an on card auto or I will be slightly miffed.

#58 Jose Reyes - nothing special aobut this one - just a plain ole base card - but it's a Met so I am happy.

Now, I don't think that I will rip any more of this stuff, but it was fun and I will probably search some of it out by trade, or build the base set with commons from e-bay and such.


Cardboard Addiction said...

You think February is bad? I just got a redemption card out of Topps Series 2 for a Red Hot Rookies Fukudome card. I registered it at and they said it would be filled on June 3 2009! Plus it's not even autographed!

steveisjewish said...

oh wow - and he sucks! I'm new to the whole redemption things - i just hope i dont screwed like Mario did!