Monday, November 17, 2008

Trade with Dayf the Cardboard Junkie

Everyone's good friend Dayf over at Cardboard Junkie was kind enough to send me a bunch of cards to help close the book on some 2008 sets that I am working on. You can see what I sent him here. First up are 25 more cards towards my 2008 upper Deck Goudey set. Of the cards received, I chose to highlight this Billy Wagner card since he was the only Met, and also - he is an alpaca farmer! Near where I live, there is a place called Appalachin, NY and there is an alpaca farm there called Alppacalachin. I alwasy that that was cute. However, since Billy is just going to be a waste of 12 million bucks this year, instead of choosing a cute alpaco photo to go along here, I found what you see below - which is more production than we will get our of Billy anytime soon.

Next up is a from a group of 12 2008 Topps Heritage cards needed for the set. I chose to highlight a rookie card of Bill Murphy - now I dont know anything about this guy, never heard of him in fact, however, he got me thinking about my old college roommate, Billy Murphy - Bill was a great song writer as well as a great weed smoker - we love him for both reasons. He exposed me to Ted Leo and always hooked me up at the bar he worked at. Everybody wins. Here below are both Bills, you can try to figure out which is which.

Finally, there are 18 cards from the 2008 Upper Deck set I needed. Again, I chose to highlight the one Met that was received. Now, Instead of telling you all of the things I like about Carlos Beltran (I think I am the only Met fan who really likes the dude), I thought I would discuss the one thing a man with as much money as he has should not have. the mole. I know its superficial, and there is plenty wrong with me, however, this is just outrageous. You would think he could find a few bucks out of $17 mill/yr to get this taking care of.

I will be updated my want lists tonight or tomorrow to reflect this goodies. Dayf, Thank you very much. Hope you are enjoying the Tunes and the Cards.


night owl said...

I'm with ya on the mole. Superficiality rules!!!!

I used to date a girl who was from Appalchian, N.Y. Also half of the male population at my high school had the hots for another girl that was from Appalachian.

StevesbuddyJoe said...

Hey buddy got some Goudey for ya. 23, 46, 55, 104, 125, 150, 159, & 179. All yours. I need quite a bit of goudey but I will be putting my list up soon regardless.