Friday, November 21, 2008

TTM - Rafael Belliard

When I first started sending cards out in the mail early 2008, one of the first cards I got back was from Rafael Belliard. We all know the drill, all field no hit middle infielder. Dime a dozen in his era. The one thing I found interesting about this signature is that it looks like that english is second language as far as handwriting as well as speaking. I know I shouldnt talk since the few of you who have seen my hand writing can attest to its awfulness, but I truly feel that one thing an athlete must have is a kick ass auto. I do apprecaite getting this card back from Rafael, and Iprobably like it more than most because it looks like he signed it in 5th grade, but really - c'mon now.


Jeffrey Wolfe said...

This was always my favorite Belliard card. It instantly takes me back to all the games I went to as a kid: an easy summer day at 3 Rivers, Belliard gobbling grounders hitting .220, Van Slyke in center behind him, Leyland in the dugout and the Pirates in first place. You can almost smell the hot dogs and hear a vendor yelling "ice cold coke HERE!"

Anonymous said...

Belliard has a great autograph... you can actually read his name!

You want to see a terrible autograph, check out The Legend of Geronimo Gil