Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lady Alternarocker Crushes of High School Part 3

Next up on my prom wishlist...

#5 - Kay Hanley
Band - Letter To Cleo
Song - Awake
Album - Wholesale Meats and Fish

Letters to Cleo you may remember hit it big when a song off their first album called "Here and Now" was featured on the Melrose Place soundtrack. This, like almost everybody else is what got me into the band. But this song "awake" off their second album is the kind of song that has kept Letters to Cleo on my most listened list in I Tunes. After this album, LTC put out one more record before disbanding. Kay went on to do a solo career and do all the vocals for the Josie and Pussycats movie soundtrack (guilt pleasure extraordinaire) and drummer Stacy Jones went on to form American Hi-Fi.

What appeals to most about Kay is the voice and the fact that she looks just like that one girl you went to highschool with who always wore her hair a little funky, and wouldn't immediately laugh when you approached her. I loved that girl.

Part 4 Tomorrow


Cardboard Addiction said...

Being from Boston, I've seen Letters to Cleo and Kaye Hanley a few times. My favorite song is "Anchor". I'm not sure if it's LTC or solo. It's very catchy, you'll be singing it all day. Unlike most women, Kaye gets hotter as she ages!

steveisjewish said...

Thats on the album Go! I believe - great song