Monday, November 24, 2008

Lady Alternarocker Crushes of High School - Part 1

This is the first of a one week series I've been kicking around in my head. I thank Steve @ White Sox Cards for being the one dude out there that I know will enjoy this. Hopefully a few more of you do as well.

So here is whats happening. I think as its well known at this point, along with baseball cards, my other major interest in music. Now, there are many things to love about music - when I was in high school, if it was distorted and had a good chorus, I was in. The only thing better than that is if in the band was a super cute girl with short hair. Hence, I bring you my top 7 lady alternarockers. Now this list is a combination of bitchin' song, good rockin', and good lookin'. Sometimes the song isn't as bitchin or rockin, but the girl is - magnificent. Other times, the song is the cats pajamas, and the girl... well she wrote a good song. Here we go

#7 - Kim Deal
Band - The Breeders
Song - Divine Hammer
Album - Last Splash

Kim Deal is probably best known for her time spent as the bass player for arguably the most influential alternative rock band ever, The Pixies. however, after a Pixies split she joined up with her sister Kelly (and lots of heroin) to form the Breeders. Their biggest hit was Cannonball, however I feel strongly that this was the best song they ever penned. Now, while I love this song, it is only number 7 because I only kinda like Kim. So now that I look like a superficial d-bag, here is the first video - leave me some love, tell me what you think. Part 2 tomorrow.


White Sox Cards said...

Great start!

Cardboard Addiction said...

Definately hot. Is she the chick that had that Seether Song.....Man I hated that song. What the hell is a Seether?

Cardboard Addiction said...

or was it that equally crappy cannon ball song? I guess I don't like the Breeders. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Not to nitpick, but the Breeders and the Pixies co-existed for a while. And I'd highly reccomend the Pod disc to Breeders fans who only own Last Splash. I wore that disc clear listening to it when I first got it.

Oh, and Cardboard Addiction, "Seether" was by Veruca Salt. Totally different band.

I'm looking forward to the rest of this...

night owl said...

You're right. Divine Hammer is the best song on "Last Splash" (I also like "Drivin' on 9" because I kind of have a thing for folky stuff). Last Splash is one of the best CDs from '93.

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

Steve I got your cards today too! Thx man you really helped me out with my set.
Jeff =)