Wednesday, November 26, 2008

TTM - Scott Bailes

Today's card, like many of my cards came from a trade with friend, downstairs neighbor, co-worker Joe @ MLB Collector. This is a 92 Donruss card of Mr. Scott Bailes pictured as a CALIFORNIA angel (back before you needed to take a breath after you completed saying the full team name). Scott's career was for the most part not remarkable (by way of a normal player - I doubt there are any of us who don't feel just getting there is incredible). What I find most interesting about Scott is that he now calls games on the radio for the Cardinals AA team.

Personally, I love listening to former ballplayers (McCarver excluded) - this applies more so to on radio than TV. There is a sense of legitimacy to what they are saying. Who are your favorites to listen to?

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Dave said...

This particular autograph really adds to the aesthetic of the card. Nicely done!