Thursday, November 13, 2008

Trade with Chris @ Fan of Reds/Nachos Grande

Here are the rest of my goodies from my trade with Chris from Nachos Grane/Fan of Reds. Holy Hell is Chris a generous guy. As I posted with my want lists, Chris was kind enough to send a handfull of 08 Heritage cards (which completed 5 different pages - nothing is more satisfying than that completed page) and 60, yes 60 cards for my 08 goudey set.

However, on top of that, he threw some bonus cards in the form of a bunch of random Mets - my favorite kind of bonus! Of the 38 different Mets cards, all from the early 80s - early 2ks, here are the four highlights.

First we have a 98 topps Season Highlights card of John Olerud. Now if you are also a Mets fan you remember John as being a nice hitter at the plate, and wonderrul in the field - at one time, he was featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated along with Robin Ventura, Rey Ordonez, and Edgardo Alfonzo as the best infield ever. This isn't why I chose to write about this card. The following story is.

The story follows as such, and I have heard conflicing reports of its truthfulness, but we never let the truth get in the way of a good story do we? Here it goes, when Ricky Henderson was released from the Mets he caught on with the Seattle Mariners. While speaking with John Olerud, also with the Mariners at this time - he told him "I used to play with a guy who always wore his helmet in the field" - Of course Olerud replied, "yeah Ricky, that was me".

I hope its true - because Ricky Henderson is in a class of his own as far as people skills and I think that this is just fantastic.

Comedian David Cross does a comedy sketch about Ricky Henderson that is pretty spot on, but I could not find it on youtube. Check out his album "Shut Up You Fucking Baby" to get the goods.

Next up is a top prospect card of Butch Huskey from 93 Upper Deck. Butch was one of my first favorite B-Mets to get to the big time. While he was a nice player, I liked him more because he (along with I think it was Tommy Allison) was the first B Met player that I ever met and had a chance to speak with.

The story is as follows - In Binghamton, we had a new movie theather, Lowes, open up in town and to celebrate they had all of their movies showing for 50 cents each. Having already seen In the Line of Fire (John Malkovich is king) I was in line the next night to go see Cliffhanger with Sly Stallone. Now, who is it that gets behind me in line? One Butch Huskey - Thank God the lines were long because it took me a while to get up the nerve to say anything, but when I finally did, he was super nice and thanked me for being a fan and even shook my hand. As a budding teenager and big baseball fan, you can imagine the thrill that this incounter with a local celebrity at that time made me feel. Thanks Butch.

Next up is Gary "Camera" Carter. Now, I know he was the main reason the Mets were able to dominate the league when they did, but I can't help feeling that he was just a big douche. I would love for my mind to change, but this man was just an asswipe. Attention staved, born-again, rightious douche. These are the things that happen when you read tell-all books about your heroes and then let that impact you when you read their lame autobiographies. Weak Gary, weak.

Finally - I dont have much to say about this card, but I love it. Mookie Wilson and Hubie Brooks rookie card from 1981 Topps! Mookie hit the grounder heard round the world that helped the Mets win it all in 1986. I'll never forget it.

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