Thursday, November 6, 2008

Trade With Adam @ Thoughts and Sox

So, I just put together a package for Adam @ ThoughtsandSox and like an asshole - sealed it up to go out in the mail before I can let everyone know what he's getting. Let's see what I can remember.

08 Alan and Ginter Minis of

Dustin Pedroia
Mike Lowell

A great ancedote about Dustin Pedroia and his soon to be legenday shit talking expertise taken from

"Oh my God. I’m telling you…this kid every game when we were facing a pretty good pitcher from Wichita State or Duke or something he’d lead off the game and hit a line drive and come running past the pitcher yelling ‘you better get used to it…I’m going to be hitting rockets off you all day.’ Then he hits a home run against [Mike] Pelfrey and he yells to him ’97 mph coming in and 197 mph going out’ as he’s rounding the bases. He’d just be chirping the whole game."

A few Topps heritage base cards and a Dice-k Chrome #d 1959

An 07' Ud Artifacts Jason Veritek Jersey Card

And Finally a bunch of random Sox cards per his request - we have a Schilling rookie, 07 Bobby Doer UD Masterpieces framed card, and a few Papi/ellsbury/Bucholz cards... hope you enjoy them Adam!

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