Friday, November 28, 2008

Alternababe Crushes of High School Part 5

So how has everyone been enjoying their quick trip back a decade to the days of M2 and 120 Minutes? Todays lassie is

Louise Post AND Nina Gordon
Band: Veruca Salt
Album: American Thighs

Lousie in the video is the girl on the left in the T shirt and Nina is the lead vocalist. Now, I have always been partial to Louise (so was Dave Grohl - to my knowledge the classic song Everlong is about her) so she will be the focus here. There was always an unspoken struggle between the two women who shared songwriting duties but rarely worked together on a tune. Since their split, Louis continues to use the Veruca Salt moniker and Nina has been recording on her own. Unfortunately, neither has found much success with the other. Please enjoy - Seether .

sorry to have to send you to You Tube for the link, but their video inbed options have been disabled. Weak. Had I known that I would have demoted them on the list!

EDIT - The following video is not of Veruca Salt, but is the song "Powerball" from the band Helium. I don't know much about the band, but this is the honorable mention here since... well I dont need to justify anything to you. As a band they were okay, as a babe... not my type - looks like if the girl from king of queens got beat up. BUT - this is notable because when i was 16 and a Junior in High School I made out with a girl in here dorm and SUNY Binghamton listening to this album.. Hell Yeah

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